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A reference "Guitarra Flamenca"

The new album of Andres Moreno is constitued by ten original title and one classical part. Guitar is central and omniprésent beteewn times of pure virtuosity and moments of delightfully peotry. A reference but also a perform because Andres Moreno played all the intruments (guitar, palmas and cajun).

The genesis of the album

Guitarra Flamenca is a new edition of an LP appears in 1984. It is the reference LP which permit to Andres Moreno to travel across Spain during twenty years on all sort of stage (tabloa and principal theatre of Spain and France). There, Andres answers to a request of numerous "aficionados" who wish lessen this reference LP on CD.

The production

We have offer our recording studio (Art et Synergies Musicales) to remasterise and update all tracks, without denatured the soul and the spontaneity of the original LP.

The tracks of the album

1. Flor del campo - Rumba (4.36) 2. Mariojuana - Bulería (5.07) 3. Los 4 del arte - Tangos (4.54) 4. Dolores - Granaína (5.30) 5. Fuente vieja - Bulería (4.59) 6. Garruchera - Solea (5.56) 7. Llora el minero - Taranta (5.32) 8. Recuerdo a Albinoni - Rumba (3.07)